Random ramblings
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2021-05-07 01:58:00 (UTC)


Since I can't sleep, my brain decided to go into self-analysis and start contemplating questions therapists ask, or exercises students do. The question in my head is, what gifts has the world given you? And what gifts have you given to the world?
Well, I can think of many "gifts" or "blessings" whatever you'd prefer to call it, that the world has given me.
MY family. Yes they get on my nerves, and yes they have their dysfunctional aspects which have been there since ever but have recently stared at me on the face due to recent circumstances, but their affection has always been there; as we know, the type of care a child receives will affect them well into adulthood, and I can say my household was fairly stable.
My education is something I highly value. People think that those with disabilities, (I am one of them,) cannot learn. This inaccurate stereotype is so harmful, that some countries even have segregated learning which is very detrimental to the student, their families, and society as a whole. I was able to dismantle that stereotype held mainly by my family, (society at large too but that's beyond the point), not because of my abilities, (which are like everyone else's), but because of the accommodations I have been provided and for that I will always be grateful.
And last but not least, all the lessons life has given me. They are so hard and some very heart-breaking but I have always managed to learn something even from the most twisted of situations; or if anything I have been able to accept that life's challenges are not fair and that justice may or may not be served.
And as for the second part of the question: what have you given the world? I have a harder time answering that because my inner critic is very judgmental, and I am not in life where I'd like to be. I'm sure mostly everyone reading this can relate to some extent. All I can say for now is I have devoted much time and energy to a career which will allow me to better help others. I have given my friends and sometimes strangers a listening ear, which when one is in very dark places mentally, physically, emotionally, what have you, one knows we need connection, someone to talk to.
So what has the world given you? And what have you given the world? One can be given the smallest thing and that's something to be grateful for. And sometimes, we don't realize that even the smallest of actions we do can really impact someone else