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2021-05-07 00:11:42 (UTC)

My thoughts 🤭

Been watching Better Bachelor on Youtube but I think I'm done with this guy. He seems sort of biased against relationships. Don't want to peg his site as a Sour grapes site. He does have some good info but in my opinion, only 10% would be usable. The parts where social media has changed the dating game now and that part I agree. But.... I don't agree where this guy says it's better not to be married or living together with someone. To me, that's stupid.

Sure, I'm happy pretty much as a whole but it's stupid to choose to live a life single by choice and refuse to live any other way. I mean this is life. Part of life is to be with someone. Part of life is to bear and raise children. Al those things added up with other things is what life is. If you say you're done with men or women, sure you could still live a happy life but why not go for the homerun? Get it all if you can. That's my opinion anyway. Ok, enough with the deep thoughts. Hamster wheel is on break.

Today at the gym, I made sure I cranked it up to make sure I get as much happy chemicals to be released into my body. I did 4 workouts this week so far and I feel so much better now :) Happy happy joy joy. There is this new person that is pretty new. She's all by herself all the time and on the quiet side. No spark whatsoever but she needed a friend so I tried to make sure she was not feeling all alone in the gym. The gym can be cliquey at times. I know because I'm in one. hehe. So I call this lady "Rookie". She even responds when I call her from afar or from behind. Pretty funny because when she actually responds nicely when I call her not by her name but by Rookie. hehe.

I have a big thing at work this Sunday. Yeah!! Sunday! Gosh darn it! I'm on salary and it really sucks having to come to work on the weekends. But I did bail out on my peers last weekend so I gotta pay the piper now and take take the hit this weekend. I'm pretty much prepped and ready to rock. So it's all good at work.

I thought I lost my glasses but nope, it fell out of my clothes as I was doing laundry so no new glasses needed. Good because that sucker is over $200. So it's all good. Clean clothes and no need for new glasses.

I had my rose crystals sitting in my truck all this time. Forgot about them but I'm wearing them now. I don't know if it needs to be charged in the sun. No L.E.D. low energy lights came with it. hehe. Going to sleep with it tonight though. Thanks to my sweetie for telling me about it. We never physically met. Just exchanged good vibes. I'd put her on the woman scale to be just as high as my Superstar friend.

I'm watching more practical stuff on youtube for now. Watching One Note tutorials so I can better organize my documents. So used to just text and word doc but quickly learning One Note to get better organized. So that's what I watched tonight. Well, drama free today. Gonna go to sleep. Good night diary :)