Do Not Disturb

2021-05-06 23:42:39 (UTC)

Surgery Tomorrow

Well, my surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. And for real this time yesterday we had to go to the doctor and do a referral and you know if, you haven't read that entry you can read i from yesterday its pretty short but... What your gonna do ? I think all of...Well most of my journal entries has been short lately, I guess that I have been lazy when it comes to writing.

I need to start back because their are lots on my mind that I need to get off my chest. Now I'm starting to get really nervous about my surgery since its actually happening but I don't think its as serious as the last time it happen when I stayed in the hospital until my birthday ( which you know I got out eventually on my birthday ) .

But you know, the surgery gonna go well nothing to serious just gonna take some fluid out my back with a big needle and it'l be done and over before you know it.

The other day while I was in drive thru their wast this white guy that was oh so cute and had bushy eye brows and everything reminded so much of Noah Flynn from the kissing booth but a younger version maybe. I mean even the deep voice was on point and when I told him to have a nice day he had me blushing through the mask and everything and I don't think I even blush. I almost had told him what his celebrity look a like would be. I was like... OMG!!! On the inside though.

No way I'd tell him right then and their.

But of coarse, I was to chicken to because he was so darn cute.

So, I started back texting Q because my mom thinks he's one of the "good guys " or whatever which I kinda broke up with him because I didn't want everyone to know that we were dating right away even though everyone seem to say that he's the only only one who's ever treated me right. Even my 15 year old brother said that which is a shocker coming from out of his mouth but I just don't know. Everyone keeps saying all these things but is he the right one God has in stored for me or someone even better. I don't know. I wish God would just give me a sign.

Okay, now I think I'm done writing. Wish me luck.

Of coarse I'll tell you how it goes when its all over.

- A

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