taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-05-06 23:23:30 (UTC)

"you once told me

you don't take down conglomerates by shooting them in the heart. they don't have hearts.

you were wrong. we found their heart."



Mr. Robot, edibles, brita filtered water, and heart palpitations, oh.. the big news. I went out earlier for the capitalist sanctioned 1 hour of fresh air/exercise and happened upon two people I know! stoner jeff from when we were mid 20s fuck ups and dude from the gym who had a nasty fall when his equipment failed. familiar faces - that og shit. i had the headphones and tunes going, aka primary line of defence, and they were maskless so it was a moving gestured "hey i kno u glad ur alive still have a nice day!"

that qualifies as highlight of the day. fucking jeff! people who aren't my parents do hit different 😆