If I die today
2021-05-06 14:38:31 (UTC)

change of pace

No turning back I gave notice today on my apartment to leave by the 31st. Last night was spent with nDea I spent otday packing up the bathroom as far as things I dont need. I'm pretty tired. LAst night we went to bed around 10 of course I woke up at 5ish and IDK somehow even thou I tried to be still and quiet IDK I was keeping him awake I dont get it how did he know I was a wake I can tell I woke him up and it bothered him. I guess I need to work on being more still and in control. I olny took one of the new vitimain today everything else as usual I didnt stretch till 2 as that nDea doesnt work till 10 so we got here a few minutes before that then I had stuff I needed to do like check storage prices mail my papers back to DAR and get packin I guess. I've failed to do laundry today IDK I might ave to buckle down get some quarters and use the reg wash if I cant keep up and do laundry here in my own while tryin to pack up. I'll see how tommorw goes tommorw Ill work on the living room packing up non essestials. The tooth still hurts I smoked yesterday and it helped. I have chicken in the crock pot for dinner just added some noodles and carrots to let them turn into a meal but I'm hungry lunch was olny a quesidailla I'm all off schedule and stuff. In anticaptopn of a saturday AM get together with eAnn I am not planning a sleep over with nDea on this friday but saturday sure I have another set of moving boxes coming saturday thou so I might want o pay someone to keep an eye out or something IDK I stil need large boxes but I like this first pack of smalls and meduims so I'm gonna try to recruit someone to take me into a store to buy a few larnges in some time. I'm not having time to do a question today I dont think so I guess I'll let this be for right now and assuming I'm home tommorw i imagaine I'll have a lot to note.

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