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2021-05-06 21:52:28 (UTC)

Arse Demon

Things are going well. Predominantly Bumble is dominating my daily life, continuing with first thing in the morning messaging through to the last thing at night. Yes, I am aware we have still yet to meet this weekend, but Bumble is pretty confident of anything to do with me.

The man has told me every detail of his life, past, family, and relationships, not hiding from his wrong-doings, and it's been impressive how he openly yet hesitantly explains to me the situation he finds himself in. However, after he opened up to me, he became concerned about how I viewed him if I wanted to run, lol. In all honesty, my actual thoughts were, "Geezus fkn christ man!" and then, "He has courage, with lowered pride." That, to me, is sexy. A man who accepts responsibility and deals with making things right again. Good one, Bumble.

Remember I mentioned before I forgot his name, and I was telling my work colleague that I was unsure how I was going to ask him, "What's your name again?". Well, rather than looking like a massive ignorant dickhead, I decided to be a sly fox and gently coax him into telling me about a situation I know he has been in whereby he would reveal his name without me asking. It worked, and now I know, haha.

Paul reared from his dark corner today, texting me some random happy shit. I replied with not much enthusiasm.

Ed is still playing his game on his own, lol.

Vicky and I arranged to meet up next week for a drink as she wants to know how my date went with Bumble. She's off on a murder mystery weekend with her fella.

The day finally came for my daughter and me to get our haircut. We had diaried it with our favourite hairdresser a month ago, lol. My daughter's hair looks fkn fantabulous, and she had such a funky cool hairstyle done. Eloise kept my hair long and just tidied the ends for me as I'm growing it longer. She is eight months pregnant and due in June, ooouuuu, my daughter and I are going to make her a special keepsake.

I'm super tired today due to not sleeping well and waking waaaay too early before my alarm. So worked, had a day off on the fitness and chilled to "Homeland" on Netflix and Bumble.

He has asked twice now during the week to see me before our date, lol. I told him, no, he has to wait. :))

I think my cat has eaten a demon. Her brain goes spazzy at night. I am her target she preys upon (story of my life), and if she does it one more time, I'm going to suck out that demon and shove it up her arse.

I bought some cool white Rocket Dog trainers, they are arriving tomorrow. :))

Keir Starmer is a gigantic knobhead, and every time I see his face on the television, I want to punch it.

I need sex.............and from what I have deciphered from Bumble's past, and the beautiful women he has been involved with (that he doesn't make a big deal about - like 'my ex guy' did who lived in the past all the time) he is certainly a keeper and hot as fuck in the sheets. I know a secret, hehe, one he hasn't done with others before, it's kinky as fuck and any guesses who likes the idea of it?


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