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2021-05-06 15:21:09 (UTC)

5 de mayo

Needless to say the last 2 months had been hell, the tempetures kept on rising and with all the hills burning arround our town we where in the middle of a dense cloud of smoke. Well last night it finaly rained and I feel so grateful for this events, the air feels cleaner, fresh and breathable. so I belive my plants apreciate this event as well they had been struggling to stay alive.
I woke up some what inspired today, so much that I will no longer put aside speaking of my life story in my book. I need to finish it by the end of summer is the date am setting aside to get it to the editors office, I have no idea who that will be but I don't have to worry about that just yet.
I'm meeting with my dear friend tonight for drinks, well am planning on having coffee but she sounds like she needs a few drinks, broken relationships and unwilling ness tomove foward past their ego's. I will be a good sport and try my best to help her out is she aske.
So for now I will enjoy this wonderful fresh weather and keep on making more room in my home. By the way I am down to 3 full huge garbage bags of clothes and shoes to donate and some I'll sell. Hope you all had a great 5 de mayo. I think is so funny they celebrate 5 de mayo in the usa in a much larger scale than we do here in mexico. Most people have no idea what we celebrate. Do you?

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