This Is It - 2021
2021-05-05 00:00:00 (UTC)

Cinco de Mayo


I thought about being basic today and getting tacos, but then I remembered the place nearest to me (which makes Amazing tacos, btw) gets PACKED every single Tuesday, which made me a bit worried about a wait. So I got McDonalds, because of course I did. And when I went to leave I realized my debit card was NOT in my wallet. Which...yikes! Turns out I forgot it when I got gas yesterday, I'm just super lucky whoever found it just turned it in to the lost and found. And because everything worked out Happily Ever After, my mother never has to know...

I went to take a shower today and a big ole silverfish dropped out of the shower curtain. I only cried a little bit. And threatened the silverfish with a bb gun. And then did wash it away. And freaked out every time I had water in my eyes because what if it GOT ME... I don't know about y'all, but Minecraft having one random hostile mob be an actual real life creature certainly impacted me

I filmed the first half of a video today, but started really late and had to bail out to let my camera charge and to get some sleep in. I left my background and all that set up, and I'll just wrap the video up tomorrow. Well, the filming portion. The editing's gonna be its own new monster. It always is.

I got in bed and my cat IMMEDIATELY fell asleep on me. I wish I could hit unconsciousness as fast as he and my puppy can. It truly is talent

Well, I may not be able to fall asleep instantly, but I AM very good at sleeping. And it's time to show off my own skills

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