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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-05-05 21:03:19 (UTC)

I'm not all cunt, ya know

Someone is thinking of me seriously. Oh, dear. :)) Yes, you guessed it, it's Bumble. :/ Problem with that is I am not taking him seriously. He is thinking like I initially did for 'my ex guy' until I clocked 'my ex guy' was doing what I told him not to do - mind games.

Fair enough, I know in dating situations, in the beginning, there innocently are lots of mind games. People are protecting their boundaries and ticking or unticking boxes, but 'my ex guy' was doing a whole other fuckery with me. I recall his words before we met, "If you don't like me when we meet. I need to find a way so that you do." Unfortunately, that made me do the same back to him. My theory was, "Okay then, let's fuck with each other" I knew once I began doing it back to him, there was never going to be anything of substance there. Well, except for our sex, lol.

Bumble messaged me shortly after my morning entry here. He sounded concerned, and I felt a bit guilty. That's right; I'm not all cunt, ya know. I am a sweet woman, but you have to be ready to fight if needed on the battlefield. It's like the fkn wilderness out there with big hardons everywhere. So Bumble texts, "Hey morning, are you okay?" the thing is with Bumble, he looks like a man, no man would ever argue with, and he has incredible art on his body (not vulgar tattoos that look shit), but well thought out, and they do look good. He has a similar body shape to Andrew Beauchamp, and his work life is physically active and needs strength; he also runs his business, so he is intelligent and ambitious. But he has been in relationships that weren't full of all the things you'd expect in one, i.e., true intimacy, emotional support of one another, someone who cares. His relationships have been chiefly physical ones, women who want to look good next to him etc. He has good friends and family, and he wants a woman to take care of, who takes care of him too, I said jokingly to him, "Listen, if you get any shit. I'll jump in and sort it. I don't care." He replied, "No, you carry on being your sweet self, and I'll deal with everything else."

He asked me to send him photos of some of the handcrafted products I sell in my (lil) business, so I did. He liked them. He sent me pictures throughout the day of the jobs he was visiting and pricing up; he knows I appreciate craftsmanship with skilled trades. Good one, Bumble, lol. Anyway's, later on, he sent a text and said, "You can call if you want. I'm driving to pick up some materials (he means building materials)." I thought, ahh, you're missing chatting on the phone then (the last time we spoke on the phone was Monday night). After we finished talking, he sent a message, "You sounded so sexy on the phone."


Anyhoo, today I was tunnel-visioned on the day job, got a lot done, jumped into my designs, and after five hours solid focus, my vag decided it was time for a break, and I orgasmed then laid there for five minutes or so. My unhooked thin belt I wore, I moved it, and the end tapped my vag, and it pulsed, and off I went again and orgasmed once again. Yep, that's all it takes to rile me; it's madness. After that, I got that can't-be-arsed feeling. So I laid there for twenty minutes or so, thinking up some wedding range designs when I approach wedding organisers to pitch a different style and range of keepsakes for wedding guests.

By the time I got back from picking up my daughter, I felt dead in the head and physically worn out. Bumble was texting, asking if my day went as I planned, and I told him I felt lethargic and that I will do a run and a workout to push me out of the sluggish feeling. Endorphins are good for that when the blood starts pumping. It worked. I felt much better afterwards.

Ed has been a silly boy, lol. He made a mistake that he thought I never noticed, but I did. He saw my response to one of his messages yesterday, the little blue ticks were there, but he listened to me one time when we were on the phone and clearly, has downloaded the GBWhatsapp version. LMFAO, because his little blue ticks turned into two little grey ticks after, hahaha. Ed, you plonker! I'm onto you, buddy. Stop playing those stoopid games with me. That hard to get shite doesn't work on me, not in this day and age. Sort it out if you want some funky fundango's with the dancing queen, LMAO.

Phile sent me photos of his MASSIVE new shiny American roading truck! Dayyyumm, those trucks are mean looking! He's picked up his dog, Dingo and is super happy that he is back on the road. I've mentioned to him and Rachel that I am willing to fly over to America to see them both, but we would have to compromise where they are in one bloody place. As it stands, they are over a thousand miles apart. No, thank you. Phil said he would drive down to where Rachel and I are (colorado), and we spend a week down there altogether. I like America been there a few times before.

Paul is still silent.
I've asked Vicky if she wants to meet up Friday night for a light drink in the pub and a chat.

Bumble and I still not concreted what we were doing on our date yet, but that is because of the weather, and I am avoiding bringing him back to my place (for the first date, lol). If I manage that, that would be awesome, but as I say, it takes a lot of mental control to hold down my sexy bits from moistening in my knickers.

Bumble is texting again, Ciao!