my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-04 21:07:06 (UTC)

i forgot the title

Until the afternoon, my day was as usual. I had breakfast, talked with my grandmother, and joined online classes. Actually, morning was great and everything went well. Also, I tried to determine a time for the meeting with my voluntary work friends. Nobody cared about it, and they didn't suggested a time for the meeting. Then, I chose a date. I hope everything will be alright until this weekend.
After my lessons, I watched some videos on youtube. Nowadays, I'm watching food recipes. They look delicious. I think I'll try them one day when I'm alone at home. I like cooking since Ramadan.

In the afternoon, I ate lunch and studied. While I was studying, my brother called me. We're looking for a gift for my mom, because next Sunday is mother's day. I suggested some elegant gifts like a bunch of flowers or necklace. Both my brother and father didn't like my ideas. Because flowers are so simple, and necklace is expensive according to them. I'm really curious about their ideas.
Anyway, today wasn't so productive to me. I solved 42 maths questions about equations and geometry. I got 40/42 :) Then, my mother came into my room and told that I'm studying a lot etc. Actually, I was surprised, because I haven't been hearing this for a long time. Anyway, I helped her until dinner. Then, we ate dinner and drank coffee. Before writing this diary, I read some book and practised German.

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