Being Sam
2021-05-04 21:32:30 (UTC)

I'm not quite "there" yet

Visited my mum for her birthday over the weekend which was nice. Got to meet a few of the new calves too & named one Poppy :) The cutest was 100% Erik though who kept licking my leg the little weirdo haha
The kids refused to come home with me and stopped with mum for a few days so I got some free time for a change which was nice. Went shopping and braved the sweaty mask wearing hell that is our closest shopping center which was probably about 50% over the capacity it would have been safe to have - but who am I to say that, eh? *huuuuge eyeroll here* ...Anyways I got myself a few new bits and was planning to get myself some face cream because I'd finished the sample I had and liked it. I'm actually not a girly girl and I've never been one to moisturise or any of that crap religiously or anything so imagine the look on my face when the lady goes "this one is £74"
......... :|

SEVENTY FOUR QUID FOR CREAM! Hoooooly shit. I mean, it felt nice on my face and didn't give me a rash like alot do but wasn't even a big tub and I don't actually know that it's making any difference to my face. SEVENTY FOUR POUNDS!
My god.
I just looked at her and was like...yeah, I'm not there yet.
She obviously got confused and asked what I was on about and then I felt shit for god knows what reason and explained I'm not "there" in life where I can afford to just spend that much money on such an item. She then did the absolute worst thing and gave me a pitying look and a little patronising squeeze on the arm.
Now, not to bring the bitch out but love, you're likely getting minimum wage for this job, you can't afford £74 face cream either!
Oh man. I feel bad just writing that. But honestly...I get a shitty wage now, but even if I were earning £10k a year more, I still don't know if I could justify spending that on something so...unnecessary.

So here I am, stuck somewhere in the middle of posh teabags and fancy face cream.

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