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2021-05-05 15:39:32 (UTC)


In a little bit of a funk today. Not sure why. Nothing really has changed. If anything I should be happier. The semester is over. I will enjoy 4 homework free weekends and I'm only taking 1 class this summer. Plenty of time for a little fun for a change. Meh, but I'm feeling overworked and isolated. Perhaps, now that the yoga studios are open again, I'll go to some classes and mingle with the neighborhood yogis. Also in better news, Broadway will open again in the fall. I will definitely be there. I'm starving for culture and entertainment. I wish I had more people in my life to enjoy these passions with. I wish I had more free time for artistic ventures instead of being a slave to work and school. I cant even take a fucking sick day without my boss texting me. She likes to feign concern but really she's just busting my balls and I find it to be so draining and suffocating. Ugh, so I'm in a sort of sensitive mood. Feeling too adult, too responsible, and too alone.

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