If I die today
2021-05-05 05:46:25 (UTC)

role models

The tooth pain is becoming exhausting it hurts specially that back right. I have funds om the way from the parents but it might be Monday or so. Ill be able to get this take care of as it stands my appointments are the 19 and 20 but maybe I can get in sooner. I've been awake since 4 I've been in bed since 7/730ish with toothpain but I dont know what time I slept It was spartic. I started life extions today another new formula xray shield or osmething I took 1. TOmmorw I'll increast work my way to 3 a day then I'll just slow down to 1 a day next month. Smoking the otehr day MJ helped my tooth pain but I'm watching fullerton informer 2 now and I'm learning that man weed is part of the plan to wipe us out Im planning on smoking tonight so I can be functional. Yesterday nDEa invited me to saty the night tonight so planning on that. I"m stressed about detials on what a move looks like. concerns include - storage? -movng help? -clenaing? boxes I'm obessed with boxes? . I made a deal to pay off the 1500 or close to it with my parents in the amount of 50 a month. They atty is working on my case I got 2emails yesterday so looking like a divorce is ahead:) so I'm exspecting another bill thou just cause well 1thou and change doesnt hold long for 325an hour. so I working on it. I'm kinda a fraind I;ve totaly shut out GOD and that I'm not concerned with HIS kingdom at all so IDK what to do about that. Anyhow oh yesterday I took the cream again for scabies just as a preventive since nDea was ready his house was clean and he took his new meds so we are on the same schedule so hopefully we are not sharing anything back n fourth . Food wise my diet is shady havne been to aa grcoery store in a few weeks but walmart delivered about a week ago as far as things I trust walmart to give me so I"m into my little stash which is good bc I dont want to move all this crap. However threes no fresh fruit or veggies so I'm on frozens nonpershiables and such its all right thou. I gotta potty but in a minute I'm gonna see where I'm at with my phscyology purpose questions.. okay so digestion is workin alrighty. anyhow
Who are my role models and icons?
Oh goodness so this is fine line the answer has to be the good LORD right? but people I admire obvisouly I like this guy fullerton informer. My friend eMichell she treats me as He would (the LORD) in all circumstance she sees me in truth. Truth unedited is a bold guy. The youtubers I guess have it. Oh so I like classical stretch essectrics and I tried the instructor sarah as well as marinda and They are both good I think this stuff is life changing. Ylindsey has always had strenght and demostrateed godly values. Im into the life extensions brand so I guess whoever created that has my support. eAnne I dont know how she does it 3 children a family a career. my sister I admire her boldness now as she is purusing truth.. I envy my brother he turned out all right mAda just had his 5 year annviersy he has a job he takes his stances. nDea I love his determantion and inspiration he purusues and makes thing happen he is diligent and haard working at what he wants and has great endurance. He fills the roles of a REAL man. Which men dont exist anymore so I'm super inpressed.
Thats a wrap for now