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2021-05-05 09:14:11 (UTC)


I enjoy the adrenaline rush of most things, and I indulge in fresh chilli on most of my meals. Yeh, yeh, some would call me a psycho because apparently psycho's eat lots of spicy foods and buzz off epinephrine, and I do too, especially when I'm being bumfucked and flogged, tied or something similar. The rush dulls out the pain, increases focus and strength, who-the-fuck wouldn't want that in their life!! It's goooouuuud!

But WHEN the oldest granny known to humanity that should be competing in the Guinness Book of World Records for slowest fkn driver of ALL time is in front of me - that causes me mass irritation and all because of droopy tits, it riled my vag. I made a beeline beneath my knickers as soon as I got in. Noooo, don't even think I'm THAT sick; I was not masturbating over her bloomers. Don't get me wrong, grannies are cute with their wrinkly, wise ways, long fanny flaps and smelling of morgues. Yeah :/

I had a flashback earlier too, when I was making a black coffee; oh, that's another thing. I have never fucked a black man, and recently a little seedling has planted inside my little brain of, "What if?" yeaaah, what if I tried out the soulful rhythm of the big black cock gliding into my arse while I played slow soulful beats in the background......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'll see where that goes :)

I've strayed from the topic, yes, my flashback. Soooo, I put the dishwasher on and as I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, the swooshing of water in the dishwasher landed my thoughts back to session me and 'my ex guy' had when he double busted me. One of my toys, a big pink dildo, suctions onto things. It's handy in the shower, always makes me giggle when I slap it hard against the tiled wall in the shower and the noise it makes as it grips. Love fucking that under the water! Anyhoo, I suctioned this dildo on the end of my large ottoman (of badass toys) at the end of my bed and straddled it, and he watched me as he lay naked on the bed (having a breather, again, lol) while I rode this dildo. Then he joined me and gave me amazing bumsex while I pumped the dildo, but as he did so, I gushed all over the toy and on him and my lovely thick cream carpet (oops)......yeah, so thanks, dishwasher, I enjoyed that little flashback :))

Bumble went to work out at his mate's gym last night, he remained to text me intermittently, and I was sooooooo relieved he said he was doing that so that I could BREATHE. But still, a short time passed, and he sent me a song, and I thought, Ohhhh, now I am getting songs that he is trying to tell me something. He sent "Annie you save" me by Graffiti6.

Eeek, I don't know what he is thinking, but I'm not saving anyone, lol.

I haven't sent any good morning texts, and I never have with him anyway unless he sends them first. This morning he hasn't yet. It looks like I need to create a little absence, hehe, to bring him back to the edge in fear of losing my interest. Always, works a treat being too present creates familiar predictability, and I want Bumble's dick twitching and his mind racing when he thinks of me.

We were talking about where and what we were going to do when we meet this weekend. I suggested a cool place out in the great outdoors (but it looks like it is going to rain), or we end up going to a pub. I said, I love old trees, and he said, "Yes, it makes you wonder if they could talk what they would tell you." I replied, "How many people have shagged up against them?" LOL, and he said, "You always have to lower the tone." I replied, "Shhh, I hold a lady title in front of my name, I'll have you know." he laughed, "Seriously?" I say, "Oh, yes, but I'm not posh unless in certain situations. I am highly mannered but with a mind from the gutter." lol, I don't give a flying fuck what he interprets me as; it makes no difference to me. Just take me out on your Harley so I can feel that throbbing beneath me.

I've got an addiction to course pate at the moment. When I say, an addiction I am not eating tubs of the stuff. Just a little on my toast. I guess it's an extension of my love of PORK while I am simmering before my next fuck-me-hard-make-me-scream sexual endeavour.

Smh, I'm debating calling Ed for a shag before my date. Shhh!