the pursuit of happiness
2021-05-05 00:38:16 (UTC)


I lost my AirPods again. I left them in a pocket and they went through the wash... in the case. The right one isn’t as robust as it once was... tough little things. I need to just stop leaving them in pockets... aurgh. I prefer them over the pro version. They fit my ears better and have better options for use. I use the pro ones when working in my workshop. They block some sound, but fit in my noise cancelling ear protection headphones that don’t do anything but block sound.

Oh, I got all the wiring done. Got the shelves in. It not fronted yet. Some progress even though she shot today with her need to talk. Apparently I’m not so much of a communicator... verbally. You probably wouldn’t know it... and it seems weird cons how filterless I am here.