Experienced Life
2021-05-04 22:30:39 (UTC)

That oh so familiar feeling 😣

That feeling came to me again today. Nope, no drama from anyone in the past. Just the feeling of pain from just the workout I did yesterday and going through gym class today while feeling the muscle aches from the day before. My legs are good. They didn't let me down but my delts, lats, traps and rhomboid muscles were hurting. I just pushed through the workout because it's just good to be alive and being able to do somewhat what I want to do is a good thing. Still, after class I got home and needed to sit my butt down to recover a bit. Ouchie-waa-waa 😫

Twenty more days till I bring my truck in for my next mod. I will re-gear the differentials to 4.88. This may not mean anything to anyone and I don't want to get all technical on what this will do to my truck so I'll just say it'll make my truck go zoom-zoom a bit faster after it's done 😊. Speaking of my truck. I washed it three times and it's still a little dirty. First was just rinsing it off with my hose at home. Then I went to a self car wash and sprayed it with the soap/rinse gun. Then i went to an automatic wash. All these washes were touchless so as not to leave any micro scratches on my truck. However, I still see a film of dirt where the tires spit up the dirt. I eventually got a wet micro towel and gave the dirty areas gentle wipes. Just like wiping a baby's butt with wipies so I was that gentle. I'll see how it looks tomorrow as it was getting dark. For now, I used my Acura to get around. Can't wipe stuff off of my truck once it's covered it dust so in the garage it stays for the moment. I know this sounds stupid's my thing and it makes me relaxed and feels fun to do. Yes, washing and waxing my first world material stuff is fun for me. Hehe.