night's, love, hurt, & all the good
2021-05-05 02:54:26 (UTC)

Grandpas funeral.

Today was my grandpas funeral. He passed away back in March but they didn’t give him back to us until.. well.. today. My sister was supposed to be keeping me up to date but like I’ve said before she doesn’t talk to me anymore. I don’t know why she just doesn’t tell me anything anymore. I guess living away from everyone for over ten years almost 15 can do that to people. She didn’t even tell me until just last night when she sent me a text saying she was nervous. I asked why and she said, grandpas funeral. My older brother asked me earlier today if I wanted him to FaceTime me for his service but I couldn’t do it. I had my little one screaming at me for a good while because it was raining outside and she wanted to g out there. He sent me a few pictures of the burial. I just felt so sad all day not being able to be there.

But to end this on a good note one of the houses we put an offer on supposedly got accepted. I’m not believing it until closing day. I really wanted the other house. It had like 7 mature fruit trees! 2 of what I’ve been wanting for years! It’s ok though I’ll just plant some when and if we move to that other house.

I’m not telling anyone if we do end up moving soon. Mother in law already blasted it on social media. Within 5 minutes of finding out. I don’t care that she did. I just laughed but it got me thinking. Is she posting it to make her other son jealous or something? Like he has already threatened with suicide a couple times about that. Is that going to cause something in him? I know you can’t please people like him because he does use anything to make people sorry for him but why else would she post it? Whatever. I’m not going to worry about it. It’s just weird to me. I guess she is just happy and wants to share the news with others which is fine. I want to post it on my social media too but then everyone will know and then everyone is going to start messaging me and then I can’t answer because my little one will try to take my phone away lol (overthink much? lol)

God willing I’ll be able to visit my grandpa and my grandma’s tombstone soon. Also my best friends and my cousins.

Song: I can only imagine by MercyMe