2021-05-03 13:01:31 (UTC)


Tendencies are not changeable but the way you react to your tendencies are.

What do you tend to do when you are angry?
- This is such a loaded question. Or I am just embarrassed to answer it. My leadership skills need some serious work. When angry, I isolate. I give a very stern and all knowing look or I become very short and sarcastic with the person. I mostly act like its a personal slight towards myself and I do not hold a lick of professionalism sadly enough. I will internalize the crap out of the scenario until I have created my own narrative with a full show vs just breaking it down and changing my reaction.

What is your tendency when you have not received the honor you think you deserve?
- I am again very stand off-ish. I isolate, and create a scenario. I then pull others into it with me and make sure they are on my side so I can be the victim without looking in the mirror to say I am less than great. I become very callus. Just very ugly as a person in so many ways.

How do you handle incompetence in others?
- I am failing this!!!!! I again do not do well with other peoples incompetence. I loath things that are not within my control but effect me. I see this is not me being a good leader. Again, very short, condescending, sarcastic, harsh glare/stare. It is not set up for another to build confidence within themselves to become the best them.

How do you feel when you are under stress?
-Overwhelmed. Panicked. Fearful. Anxious. Inadequate. Like i'm faking it. It is so difficult for me to work under stress or to exist period under stress. smh. I do not do well at all and I in turn take it out on others. And I ultimately know it is my fault because of my poor organization skills.

What do you tend to do when you don't get your way?
-Act a damn fool! SMH. Can I just do this entire thing over because Lord it has revealed too much! I act like a spoiled damn brat. I make you feel it some way or another. It is not cute at all. I make snide remarks. I talk behind your back. And I will mess around and plot my revenge. I do not respond in a healthy way AT ALL!