my bigpink scary life
2021-05-05 01:03:40 (UTC)

my luv for chocolate

I don’t rly write or even think during times like this but this is the only thing in my mind.

Mmm chocolate. I DoorDashed two of these huge chocolate bars after spending an hr trying to get the cheapest versions so my mom wouldn’t notice, but yay they gave me extra. I got a Nesquick strawberry milk tastes perfect. I’m thinking abt putting this lifetime documentary . It just made me think, at the table when my mom randomly brought that documentary up. An instant memory unlocked in my mind to when i was a child, my mom hoarded up in her room and me in the middle of a mess of a living room in the middle of the night just laying on the couch watching it. I was always scared so I never moved during times like that where everyone fell asleep there. Ther was nothing for me in my own house . I watched it and it was interesting. I was actually interested and thought it was pretty cool. As a kid my fav thing was when I could buy whichever food at the grocery stores .I remembered the sadness I would feel when i couldnt grab another slice of pizza. When I couldn’t have it all. And I watched and watched at how such a pretty girl could hav everything, and shoved her face.

Lol just made me think. How shocked i was I had to say something. I told her how Ik it & how i watched it recently w my sis. She j laughed and talked abt how gross it was described one of my favorite scenes there too. I j store it in the weird things my mom knows I do but doesn’t say anything