live from the pinkroom
2021-05-04 23:19:36 (UTC)

Sometimes I think the universe is trying to talk to me

Sometimes I like to think the universe is trying to talk to me. There are those moments when I would have a thought about doing something and then on the very day, someone tells me to do the same thing without me even mentioning it to them in the first place. It's almost as if the universe is using these agents to point me in a certain direction. Maybe I pick up on the synchronism because I was already considering the thought. Maybe it's just the way the brain works, looking for similarities and patterns in order to make sense of the world. Whatever it is, today was no different.

Lately I've started to think I should take control of my life and live more. Take more chances, make new friends, go out on a limb more often. Just take charge of my own destiny. I should have fun while I'm young. Today, when I saw my old high school teacher, Ms. Berkley, who is now working at same place as I am, we chatted a bit. She was asking me for updates on my life. And she was advising me to have more fun and do more things while I'm still young. "Live life with no regrets, Jasmine." She kept saying I should go out more, meet new people, take trips, just live a little. She even went so far to share her personal experience with me. " I wish I did more when I was younger." There was something in her voice that makes me want to heed her advise. Not forgetting, I was already thinking the same thing. But having her tell me these things without mentioning it to her first was like the universe was telling me this is something I should start doing. Like a subtle queue if I wasn't too sure if I should do it or not.

So here I am a little bit more confident and a little more willing to live a little.

xoxo much love