2021-05-04 03:46:00 (UTC)

Entry Eleven: My H.S. crush is a sex offender

I was absolutely obsessed and madly in love with this girl in junior year. I chased her but I ended up friend-zoned no how much tried. I hung around her. I listened to her poor sob stories. Bought her stuff, valentines and nothing in return but a friend. She wasn't anything special, she was on the heaver side and was average in smarts at best. The problem was she was a amazing flirt and she had guys lined up.

After highschool, I went to college for a year. I wrote her and letter saying how I loved her and asked why she didn't love me. Many of them, letters saying why don't you reply. And more letters. Once I returned from out-of-state college, I got my head on straight, and I still pursued her. But I someone got to this friends with benefits but zero reciprocation relationship (Not being rude, but I got to pet the kitty, just not take it for a ride). She was anti-condom, so I wasn't going to set myself up for a risky situation and she wanted it. She always teased me to do it. And I was still friend-zoned, but I was her go to guy for transpiration, money when she needed rent, and shoulder to cry on when guys treated her poorly.

As you would expect from a girl that was anti-condom, she got pregnant from her loser boyfriend. I realized there is nothing for me in this relationship, so I ended the friend abruptly. She made her bed, time for her to settle in for the next eighteen years. Knowing that she was going to have a guys kid is a cold slap in the face that jarred lose the fantasy I built up in my head of happily ever after with her.

About a year passes and she runs into me at my job at a retail store. She gives me a letter, and tells me how hurt she was because I left her when she needed support the most. She was living at a house for struggling women giving assistance to new moms struggling to get on their feet. And of all things, she tries to set me up with another woman. I agreed and I visited this girl once. Long story short, she told me this how she was naïve and didn't know what a BJ was. And after a few minutes of her playing me while I took her humble inexperience at face value, I realized she was she was lying/teasing and I walked out.

Fast forward ten years, I am now married. She reaches out to me on facebook. He last name is now different than the guy I knew had knocked her up. I block her because I don't want the stress. She contacts me via my Linkedin account. I politely and forcefully say I am not interested in catching up, I am married and stable life without drama, no hard feelings but best of luck with your life.

Add five more years, I still check in on facebook to see photos and such out of curiosity. I enter it in to google so I get the widest search. I find her myspace account with photos of her family. Ok, looks like she had 3 kids. OH, what is this. She was arrested for sex with two minors boys. BAMMM. What?!?!?! Apparently, she was drunk and she offered minors alcohol, then had sex with two of them (I don't think it was an underage orgy, more like, 'hey I just nailed his mom, do you want to?'). From what the news outlets printed, there was alcohol, porn, and one 14 and one 15 year old. So I continue to follow the police blotters, and local news.

I follow the story over time and she does get jail time. I followed her via the court website to see the official sex registry photos out of my shameful curiosity. At this point, I see her photos change as seasons when they have to update and time hasn't been too good to her. I once cared for her and loved her whole-heartedly but, it was the fantasy in my head is what I was attached to (And the fact that she was easy). I know I shouldn't get joy out of someone misery. After being rejected for losers and seeing the life she ended up with, there should be no joy as she lost everything.

I don't dare befriend her on facebook or another social media. But knowing I have my separate life that is damn near complete (no vacation home in the Hamptons, but doing ok otherwise), I still continue to check-in.