Aeryn Sun

Uncharted Territories
2021-05-04 13:08:10 (UTC)

Feeling Lost

The sign from the Universe, by placing me and the cop in the same working group, seemed to work. We joked around a ton on Saturday and I felt really good about things. But I've since learned that I shouldn't trust my feelings when things seem to be going well. I mean, look what happened with the surfer. After our 3rd date, which was all his idea, I thought we were well on our way.....and then he ghosted me. I thought things were moving in the right direction with the cop, then today my friend (from last entry, let's call him Tesla) found out that the cop isn't interested in me. Actually, the convo was more like, would you do/get with her and the response was he didn't know and couldn't put his finger on why.

So now I'm feeling kinda hopeless, like why even try. I still like him but part of me feels like it would be a waste of time only to result in frustration and sadness. I feel lost, don't know what to do at this point.