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Through My Eyes
2021-05-04 14:08:04 (UTC)

Work & Memory Problems

I’m trying to be as strong as I can and not give up but I’m scared after being diagnosed with Epilepsy and the Memory issues I’ve been having. I’m fifty two and need the job I have but since I’ve been off for medical reasons I’m scared when I return to work I want remember or recall anything especially since the company recently started a new system that I was trained on months ago and it was done virtually. The new system started last month and I was off the entire month so haven’t had the opportunity to use the new system yet. Also I work from home and another reason why I’m scared because I’m a book person and wished they had mailed us the training material to our home to study. If so, I could have been reading the material while I’m home and off for my medical reasons, sadly the company doesn’t allow us to log on to the system when we’re off work. I can only hope when I do return to work they give us a refresher course before I start working because otherwise this is going to be really hard for me. I can only hope for the best during this time tough time.