my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-04 21:07:06 (UTC)

angry at someone

I sent a message to my voluntary work friends for the meeting. Because we have to find project idea until friday. But nobody cares about it and that makes me angry. Tomorrow, I'll do the same.
By the way, the weather is getting hotter. Now, I'm wearing tshirts, and studying in the balcony. Trees turned green, and I love sitting at balcony. Today was a little bit productive to me. I was able to study well.
In the evening, I called my grandmother. Being able to spend lots of time with my grandmother can be the best thing in my life. Sometimes we have conflicts between us because of generation gap, but I love her so much. I think she loves me more than my other cousins. Because I visit her at weekends or whenever I'm free, and I call her almost twice a day. I talked about lots of unnecessary stuff with her. (like my dreams, news on TV, funny moments, what I prepared for breakfast, my daily plans etc.) Sometimes I told my cousins to call my grandma. Nobody cares her like me and my mother. Because I'm the only cousin who has to live in this small city. I don't have lots of opportunities here, I don't have lots of friends etc. So, I'm spending most of time with my family. That's why I'm good at communicating with old generations. Maybe that's why, I'm also a little bit angry at my cousins. Especially end of this month, I don't want to go her wedding. I hope I can handle tis situation :))