my sexual past and present
2021-05-04 14:32:21 (UTC)


ok so I have a big time dilemma now. My friend Lisa reached out to me. Yeah my friend that introduced me to Trish.
No not that is the dilemma. Lisa will be going away for the weekend yup May 15th. Trish has taken it upon herself to come see me that weekend, using Lisa for cover. Lisa reached out to catch up with me and to give me a heads up. She had heard about us getting together last month, from Trish, so she reached out to see if I was ok with it before she agreed to be Trish's cover. I didnt want Lisa to know about Emily, or the fact that I was seeing someone else too, Lisa can be VERY DEFENSIVE when it comes time to her friends, me included. And if I told Lisa that I was seeing a 20 something year old she would give me a lot of shit for it. So yeah the problem is that Emily is expecting to see me that Sat too. WTF man, I want to see both, and I've been in contact with both. Today I got Trish's email asking me if I could get away that weekend.
She knows that I can't spend the night but she said that she is willing to get a hotel room close enough so that we can get together a lot.
fuck fuck fuck...and not in a good way too.

I've been in convo's a lot with Emily too. She has hinted to me on what she wants to do. She has this whole thing planned out too.
I need to figure out how to postpone Emily until the following weekend. I'm choosing to go with Trish first b/c she will NOT mark me up and I can't be sure that Emily won't. FUCK man. From my talks with Emily I know that she doesnt take kindly when plans change, I think that is why she also lost interest with the last older guy, hence why she didnt mind too much when he ghosted her.