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2021-05-04 13:13:13 (UTC)

I’m such an Ass

He calls...
“Are you mad at me”
No, not at all I said...
So he becomes his sarcastic self and asks
“How are you feeling today? Any fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasms?”
I responded...
No, I’ve been cured of it all
“Are you being funny?” He asks...
No, not at all I said.

I listened to his daily drama bitch session. But don’t dare make a comment like he did to me. It would be uncalled for.....but his comment was justified.

Yeah, I can be a bitch. I dont deny it.
When there’s a comment that’s just out of line for someone who says “I love you, I care about you, I support you....etc” then, well, I get it. I’m done.

I said I was coming up Saturday to give Tam her gift and coming home. He gave that usual pout voice and said you’re not staying the night?
I said nope.
Little does he know, won’t be next week either.
He wants me to come up during the week.
Said I can’t sorry. I have appointments and such every day.

I’m going to finish doing dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and such.
Will go to bed early tonight.

It’s going to be a frosty night.

Just an update and a short breather for me 😂🤣