University Life
2021-05-04 17:40:00 (UTC)

Rejected application & Working on different application

This entry, I will be writing about the email I received and on the other application that I will be working on.

I received an email from the HR assistant that they "received a large number of applications this term, and after careful consideration, [they] have decided to proceed with other candidates at this time" but in the email, it did say that my "application was competitive" so I was happy to hear. I will just re-apply to the program in the winter term and volunteer with my professor this summer term to gain more experience.

The other application I am working on is my co-op application. Yesterday, I met with Irene (the advisor) on some feedback for my application. She commented on a lot of things, some of which is on how I could walk through the scenario showing how I went above and beyond the position I had. I will be working on that (hopefully) this week and see her again on May 17th (next, next Monday).