The Horrors of Heaven
2021-05-03 21:01:55 (UTC)

Temptation Poem

It's an old, ancient word
Every hour and every day
The price is so high
But the reward is so sweet

The deals, the bribes, the sacrifices
Did God make it this way?
He too is scared of Temptation

I don't want to know the future
People get hurt
I don't want to know the future
Lest I fall into Temptation

Freewill is the ability to not know the future
Omnipotence is for Gods and Angels
All humans want is for good things to happen
Though it is top down
What fucked up Future are the Angels making?
They are incompetent, so says my past
Do they even want to make a good future?

We are side by side
In the same room
But never connecting
Because we are what we are
So duality will never heal
Forever War
The future is bleak

I believe in Peace and all the good things
Why do you not?
What kind of Monster are you?