invisible world

invisible world
2021-05-04 15:17:46 (UTC)


Yesterday I received my second vaccination! Soon I won't be as paranoid of getting terribly sick or even die.

Both shots were Pfizer. The only side effect I had was soreness in my upper arm at the injection site. First time lasted about 24 hours, the second was far less than that. All I felt was a little prick of the needle the second time, the first felt like nothing. (I think it's the nurse you get.) Having made an appointment, it was an effortless process. Now that our area is allowing walk-ins, even they had a very short wait.

I think if we all got vaccinated, life could be far better than it is now. It's an individual decision, I respect that, but I would hope that we'd all like to get back to our lives the way it was. Why are politics wrapped up in with life and death, good health and bad. Even our last former president got his two shots.

All medications/vaccination/immunizations have risks. Read the labels of all medications, even OTC meds and you'll find risks associated with taking it. Don't take if you have this or that. Warning signs is as followed. TV ads, print ads for meds have a slew of warnings listed. 10 million people take that medication and a hundred people die or become the heart of it, those numbers aren't bad. Also remember, many could have had preexisting conditions.

We can still end up like India. My husband's co-worker has family and friends who live there. His family and friends are now less than before.

Polio. Measles. Mumps. Whooping cough. Meningitis. Gone because of vaccines. More than these are gone too, though because of anti-vaxers, many may come back putting our children and country at risk.

Again personal preference, I get it. But personal preference can put the health of my family and friends at risk. They're putting your friends and family at risk. I admit that before I received my vaccine, I was hesitant. What won me over is that now, even though my lifestyle won't change much (YET) , I have piece of mind that if I were to get COVID, I'd handle it better than without having gotten the shot. Now my thoughts are more towards my future of being able to travel, celebrate occasions with loved ones and finally being able to hug our grandbabies.

Being vaccinated has opened a world in which I can more forward safely. The future looks brighter.

Too bad others won't join the brighter future. But it's a personal choice...Maybe I don't get it, but *sigh* I have to get it to cope with unreasonable people.

Sorry if it sounds like preaching but it seems to me as if people would rather drink the Kool-aid instead of getting out of the jungle.

We ALL live on this rock we call home.