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2021-05-04 10:33:21 (UTC)


Good Morning ☀️
Been awake since 1130 last night.
Did get an hour nap in around 4am
Then another hour in at 6am
Got the kid up at 745
Headed to school by 815
I came home and was here an hour cleaning with both Alexas going and he called saying he was finished with his tests already
Was math so of course he was
He’s a math genius
So grabbed the Mother’s Day cards and headed to town
Grabbed him
Went to the post office
Then put fuel in for my appointments on Thursday
Stoner called leaving a sarcastic fucking voicemail
Keep it going why don’t you
Didn’t learn from a year ago that I won’t tolerate the bullshit attitude
I will walk away, again
But, will make sure I do it once I get the place I’m moving to
Yes, a house of my very own, bought and paid for is in the works, and not in this state
Nice thing is, once I’m moved, I’m changing my name
Already know how, how much, and going to do it
Nothing anyone would expect, nor predict
Will start all new accounts, including emails
Start completely fresh and no one from my past will find me
With the name change in a different state, it won’t show up on the records here
I’ve already thought it all out

So now I’m home
Kid is in his next class and I’m working on laundry, cleaning his bathroom and little things getting done

It’s a bit chilly out today
Almost fall like weather

But I’m going to make lunch (snack) going to do strawberries, yogurt, and mixed granola with a wheat English Muffin. That will hold me over till about 4pm when I get dinner going.

So, till later...