Smells Like Adult Spirit (But Not Really)
2021-05-04 15:44:00 (UTC)

good therapy session

so yesterday i had therapy after having skipped it weeks ago and needing to reschedule. look where the fuck it got me lol. basically, she called me out and i had a full breakdown. i was sobbing, snot everywhere, couldn't breathe. she kept calm, she led a guided meditation thing. it was so hard to breathe. it was so humiliating being at my most vulnerable in front of someone on a video camera like that. it was horrible, absolutely horrible.

ive been slacking on schoolwork, and i could fail and i could fuck up my entire fucking career within the college.

im still. in love with a boy who has a girlfriend and lives across an ocean lol how dumb am i, and why does the heart and head work like this? i think its like self harm thing