If I die today
2021-05-04 06:37:00 (UTC)

holy teeth

I saw a dentist yesterday there is a problem in that tooth I guess it s a cavity the solution is to fill it I have 4 cavities total and I have to have a cleaning before they will fill them so it's just a few shy of 1500 . Thinking about moving in with nDea and saving money to pay off a loan for all this. The discounted dental sliding scale cant see me till august and well I kinda gotta take care of this problem before then before diaster strikes my teeht. The landlord well the office manager spefically said I can get outta here scott free no lease breaking fee bc she hates me but she takin her jabs she told me I would have to hire a professional cleaner and that i have to change all the light bulbs and drip pans. After the dentist there was some confusion bc nDea asked me if I wanted to go back to his place or home and of course I'll go to his place. So I got to see the feel of it. Its a good trailer I mean it works for one person. I dont know if by the end of this month is rushing a move or not. so I gotta decide this week if I'lm giving notice for this month. If I go to the trailer while we apartment hunt I will use a storage for a month or 2 till we get a place I 'm keeping my house phone and then I can pay off like 100 or so a month for my tooth and save attorney money. I want to go half on his rent but he never asked or demands that . so I think even if I loose foodstamps I'm still having wiggle room. so I'm hoping to run today so I gotta kinda start getting in the direction of chores but let me do all this writing first so some of it will be simplistic I assume unless well I get carried away which I'll do.. I sleptfrom close to 10 till after 5 I stretched a little have taken the d3 gonna grab a snack and muliti soon. I am having some reflux this morning I did use baking soda in the coffe thou to nuertlise it I'm wondering if I'm better off not baking soda bc yesteday I felt better. I saw michelle yesterday went to starbucks I didnt get kicked out but all the tables did say closed so we took our coffee and went to the mall. Anyhow shes struggling with her daughters choices and its concerning I somehow thou turned it into me time.. omg I need to work on that. I told her about the idea of moving together so I can pay the dentits get a loan from my parents and work on paying it back and also I told her about my chat with my sister. I'm scatter brained so the detials of info are all mixing up I'm super anxious about the detials of a move and wheat that looks like and cost. Also I'm worried about the budget plus I have to get a note I want printed up for the office of my notice to leave I want a copy to for the reccord. Ok todays question kinda where I was heading yesterday..

Have I had and accidents that served as a wake up call for me?
Well I"m accident proned so IDK I've had a lot of foolishness thou. I found out that maybe I do want to be paying for dental coverage as well I never exspected to get a hole in my teeth. months ago I was doing tintitures and I dont recall how long ago but something had me upset i kept taking more and more and may have been drinking and I litteraly felt like I wasnt strong enough to breath and I was paranoid out the whaz-u just worried about everything. I dont know how I made it thru I was tired too on the couch lying there forcing myself to breath . so I learned I'm not immune to those things but it wasnt until a prayer about hJos who was well I wanted him to be my man at that time I prayed for him to reply or something and I would quit and so I quit and then well now I smoke so IDK guess that was a short quit. Oh I feel thee otheer day doing laundry I slipped but there was time months ago I had slipped and I swear I broke my toe when it hit the desk. The slips always wake me up to the fact I just cant. I'm not that good I do fall but I'm sure itll happen again. Well nothing else is jumping out to me I feel like I should have an aswer to the question but I dont