My love affair with narcissists
2021-05-04 14:48:16 (UTC)


Been working from home and finally got a routine going. I have the dog on a schedule and I got my groove. I have even been able to start making dinner early enough since I work the 2nd shift. And let me just say that working from home has its perks but also its cons. I find myself having to force myself to break away from the computer to actually take breaks. I have to force myself to leave the apt. Aside from the dog walking I really don't leave. I even stopped going to do the food deliveries. But I am working on the balance.

I have been thinking a lot of about life and how short our time here is. I keep thinking I am more than half way through life and my time could be up any time. My daughter says our time could be up regardless. I get it but perspective is everything.

Narco over here is sleeping back in his room (thank GOD!). He says I snore too much I guess snoring is a blessing HAHA. He has been acting different since my hours do not allow for me to go to my daughters during the week. I guess he feels like even though I am here but working it is better for him to just know that I am here. I have been going to bed earlier a getting some good sleep since he isnt in the room to bother me.

For right now I feel good.. not stressed and not angry! At least that is something.