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2021-05-04 13:23:38 (UTC)

Tricks, wants in....Ugh

Geez, choices choices, lol.

So something funny happened today. You know what, though, it's clear I left good sexy memories with my past lovers/fwbs, for they keep coming back.

So last week, I had chatted on the phone with one of my colleagues. Only today, I had noticed a message from her on my work Whatsapp number (I don't check it too often as I left all the business groups on there); anyway's she left a message on there saying, "Hey T, are you alright? Just when we spoke, you seemed a little deflated, and I've been worried since You're usually so bubbly and positive?"

I thought, awww, bless her! So I called her and told her I am doing fine and I can't recall exactly, but it might have been that I was disappointed because of the 'ex my guy'. She knew I had met him as I told about him before; we had a little giggle about it. I made her blush when I told her he was well hung, lol. Anyway, we were chatting, and I told her he is old news now, and it didn't work out and not worry, I have met someone else now. She laughed, saying, "Oh my god, T. Haha, well, it's likely you'll get snapped up. What's he like then?" I told her I wasn't serious about him and just having fun, but he is full-on. She asked his name because I told her he held an account with us, and I said, "Shit! I'm embarrassed. I've forgotten his name! I gave him a nickname called, "Bumble" and she started laughing so hard, she said she was crying with laughter. LOL....I said, "I know, right! I even thought last night, how do I go about actually saying, "What's your name again?" when I meet him this weekend! She was dying with laughter...

Anyway, a customer walked into the branch and she had to go, so we said goodbyes. About ten minutes later, I left my office (in my house) to meet a colleague for a meeting in a branch. As I'm driving down the road my personal phone rings and I didn't recognise the number, I answered, "Hello?" a man's voice says, "Hello you!" I reply, "Who's this?" and he says, "What do you bloody mean? Who is this? You cheeky cow, haha!

Guess who it was! It was "Tricks", the property developer I fucked a year and a half ago! LMAO.....That's not his real name, of course, but that was my nickname for him from my old diary. We messed about a bit, he was a good shag, fun guy, no dramas, but I lost interest because when we fucked, we fucked so hard he did his back in!! (he was behind me) LMFAO, and I thought, yeah, I'm not waiting for your back to get better every time I want a shag.

So "Tricks," says, I was in the branch when you were on the phone to J, and she was laughing with tears streaming her cheeks, and I thought, whose that leaving her in stitches and at the end of the call she said, "Okies, bye T" and so I asked her, "Was that the queen, T we all know and love?"

Lmfao, queen T, wtf??!??

J says it was me, and he "Tricks" said he had to call me and see how I was. He said he kept asking the girls in the branch where I had gone as he never sees me about the branch anymore, and they told him I oversee different branches now. He told me he was gutted he doesn't get to bump into me anymore.


Anyways, we chatted for the entire car journey on my way to my meeting; he scoped info from me like where I moved to; he focused heavily on that! What branches I have now, am I in them often etc. and asked if I was sharing my home with a fella, which I don't. I said, "Why do you wanna know all this? You planning on stalking me?" he replied, "Who wouldn't."


It was a fun conversation, and I didn't give him any hooks, but I doubt very much that will be the last I hear from him. I knew from how he spoke he wanted back in; I, on the other hand, is open to opportunities if I feel like it - or not.

The saga continues, lol...

Bumble and I got a little freaky with the conversation last night, to the point he has told me today, he is finding it hard focusing on the job he is doing because he cannot stop thinking about me. Oh deary, dear, did my enchantress tricks go a little far? LMAO, I think so. You know what, though he is MEGA full-on and last night, he showed some sides to him that did leave me wide-eyed and a little bit, weeeeeey.

So this morning, I was contemplating whether I want to fuck with this guy anymore; he is intense and not in a love bombing way, not in a manipulative way. I'm used to getting attention but not as constant throughout the entire day and evening as he does; it's hard getting rid of him when I need to; I don't know, breathe! lol

But he surprised me this morning, he sent me a text with a usual good morning and then another, and he said, "I wanted to apologise for my behaviour last night. My excuse is that a certain sultry devil woman took me to the depths of hell, and I didn't want to leave. I'm sorry."

I thought, okay fair do's, you have another lifeline. Not that he knew that lol. He is a freaky guy with his sexual interests, but well, so am I, and if I haven't tried it - I will :)) *evil laugh*

Ed keeps checking his WhatsApp, and I haven't contacted him. He seems to have been badly narky wounded from feeling needy last week. But it's like I said, he is not my responsibility, he is not my man, he has a wifey to lean on, and I won't be letting him lean on me unless we're doing the fandango. :)) and only in a physical way, not emotionally, not my problem.

Paul is still silent, and he can carry on. I quite like it, lol. I don't fkn care if you've just come out of the gym. *yawn*

Still not spoken to my best friend; she can continue with the crap until she comes back with a better attitude and some respect.

My printer cartridges turned up early. So I can finally finish our new designs for the business later on, after I dealt with the day job, a few errands and my daily run & workout.

I've got a new book I want to read, but doubtful I'll bloody get a chance to read that just yet, but I'm excited to knuckle down into it. Also, my fancy oriental wallpaper for my downstairs lavatory has arrived. So perhaps the weekend after next, I can start wallpapering that; I cant this weekend as I am walking with my hiking pals, then on a date with Bumble and business stuff on Sunday. All this busy, busy is not going to help my vag and bum nagging me for fun. Ughhhh

Bumble is texting like a madman again...............................O.O