Lea's Diary

Lea's Diary
2021-05-04 19:56:00 (UTC)


The headset murdoc said he will send me already arrived. its superb. some of the song that i already like sounds better. i can hear the bass guitar finally. 
i wish with my new headset, bidadari could finish soon. oh my god! so bored doing that song. 

i eat keripik singkong again. i like it a lot. but today is not kusuka. but its still ok. balado flavor.

i smell musk on the street. i don't like musk's smell a lot. but why i don't like it? i don't know why.

if its mixed with other smells, or while musk become a base notes... somehow its fine. but standalone musk is always wrong to me. please don't wear that smell near me. 
i hate it. 

NB: yesterday also satisfied with MARCHi's website.