just for the record
2021-05-04 13:27:00 (UTC)

The collective responsibility

People need to be taken care of to be guided. By their family, their community or society as a hole. No one can make it on their own. No one can take full responsibility for their choices. No one can figure it out all by them selves. Some things should just be set out for us. Limitless possibilities can be a curse too. Some times we need to be given something we can do well and be of service. Not all the time. But we need a collective perspective to make our choices more than we realize. This world is getting more complicated more unstable by the day. Being the only one responsible for your very existence is a load not meant for any human being to carry on their own. It's not that hard to come to this realization I guess. The hard part is where to turn to when in need. And what is our part when others are in need.

I think I am to harsh with my boyfriend after making this thought. I have to figure out how to help him make a choice about his career.