Adithi Akira

Adithi in Wonderland!!!
2021-05-04 18:21:10 (UTC)

I miss my childhood...Bt I learnt something too...

Hey all...
I alwz thght growing up would be fun..Bt it turned out dt growing up is pretty messy and irritating..I could literally feel that when I ws sitting in the terrace thinking about wt where my life is going and I saw 2 kids playing badminton..The elder one was a girl of about 13-14 years and the younger one was a boy of about 5-6 years ...They were playing and watching them play ,I figured out that the boy actually doesn't know to play and that the girl is getting annoyed bcz she couldn't have a good game..And she wanna play wd her Mom bt her little brother comes in between saying he wanna play..So she s stuck wd him to play.. And frm d way she behaves it's obvious that she is nt liking it ... This reminds me of my childhood where I would play wd my younger cousin when he s home , unwillingly, bcz I don't wanna hurt him... Infact, watching those kids made me realise that my childhood wasn't that bad ..It ws pretty decent...I hv things to remember abt my childhood...I think we should all spend some time wd kids when we are down and feeling restless..Bcz it will help us remind abt where we came from and that....Life wasn't that bad afterall...I am sure whoever reading this would have felt this, at one point or the other... It's just the way it is..We wanna grow up when we are young..We wanna go back to our childhood when we grow up..I am reminded of dis proverb now.." Grass is always greener on the other side".. Maybe I think we should stop thinking about wt could have been a better situation and focus on how we could be better ...Bcz as human beings, we will be always be thinking about ,"Ohh.. I would have done better if ut was a different situation..." which us a complete lie.... Once, someone said to me,"We always do our best.. it's just that at tyms our best wouldn't be enough..we should constantly try to better ourselves rather than waiting for the situation to change..".Okay guyzz.. maybe I just wrote some random thoughts here , but I really think dis would have made a few of u think abt something u r dealing with right now..
Yours only,
Adithi Akira