Dragon Of Creation

Days in my life
2021-05-04 08:45:16 (UTC)

The Magician guides

Today is the first time I have drawn The Magician as my daily Tarot card.
I feel a deep connection with The Magician, like she describes my soul.

She holds a lot of knowledge within and can be thoughtful, healing, and transformative. But in the same breath she can be manipulative with her knowledge. Her manipulation isn't focused on lying or deceit, but instead on withholding and withdrawal. Because she is so open to information and learning and advancing, outsiders can affect her in a negative way, forcing her into a shell and defending herself the best way she knows how; boxing her own soul and attacking that of the threat.
She possesses great power to create and to destroy. Destruction is, after all, a form of creation.
She loves to master new advancements and offer the best outcomes to those around her.
With enough training she can see deeply into the energy of nature and people around her, adapting herself and the knowledge she has to work around those energies. Once again, something that can unintentionally lead to manipulation.
She is often classified as the mentor with a supernatural aid, this can be beneficial or devastating to those who cross her path.
The Magician loves to pass on knowledge and be a guiding point to others, always listening and offering advice. She is passionate about discovery and creativity. Her hidden knowledge can be surprising and should not be underestimated. She can lead you to the top of a great mountain, but she can easily leave you stranded there alone with no directions.
Her shadow can often rule from her subconscious and she has to learn to tame it to keep it from taking over her actions. This shadow is not only focused on others, but can often turn in against her and she can argue with herself over which actions to chose. Second-guessing herself if she is not in control of this hidden side of hers.
She is complicated and beautiful.
She holds a near infinite amount of possibilities within her, good and bad.