2021-05-04 08:39:28 (UTC)

Neighborhood #2

Dear diary - A crush

Have you ever had a crush on someone, celebrity, a friend, someone older, maybe, while being in a relationship yourself?

I have developed a small crush on someone whom i've met, yes, that lives in my neighborhood and actually the house behind mine. Yes, he is married, yes he does have kids.
No, i won't do anything about it. OBVIOUSLY! Do i fantasize about him, yes, i mean, what woman wouldn't, he knows it but sure as hell doesn't make a fuss about it. Which is a turn on - some what.

34 Years old
6.5Ft / 2m Tall
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Hazel color stubble
Muscular, yet not TOO, he does have some what of a belly but those calf muscles, gawd damn.
I imagine that when he would hit a guy (which he had done before) it will be lights out (which it was)
Oh, did i also mention that we work together. So there is that.

I never really liked him, still kind of don't. there isn't much respect when it comes to talking about women, yet i do appreciate that he doesn't speak out anything about his marriage. I do get the odd feeling that his body count might be some what on the HIGH side.

We work closely together at the office to a point that i know what's going on in his bank account, there is some secrets that he asked to keep away from his wife, which in the workplace, under oath, i'm obliged to do. For example, spending, going into a scam and losing R300 000 or $20 700 (odd), driving to the city with the other boss to go and get lunch at Burger King, her why he doesn't lose any weight. Buying things for him, he doesn't need. Sleeping over at some dodgy places when out to do work.

Looking past all that, he is a really nice guy, provider for his family, a friend to his closest. I met his mom and dad, LOVE his dad, old farm folk.
What really gets me going is the way that he smells, Oh my HAT! He doesn't wear cologne, underarm stuff, deodorant, since he is extremely allergic to whatever stuff is in it but he never stinks. His clothes always smell .. fresh which boggles my mind, also did i mentioned that i have seen more of him than i wanted to.

Baby sat his kids a few nights back, i bathed them, the bathtub was in the their bathroom, so generally they shower in there, before i got over to his house, he took a shower, point being, his underwear was just laying there. Out in the open. FOR ALL TO SEE. Which i guess it's normal, it is just weird, your, did i also mentioned, MY BOSS, seeing him in some what, fully glory. I mean, i know what kind of underwear he wears, also, i've seen his butt crack before. It's human but still, my BOSS.

Yeah. That is the thing about small towns. You get up in everyone's business.
You can't even fart without everyone knowing what flavor it is.