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2021-05-04 09:11:21 (UTC)

Pity Pat

One of the people I'm following has a Soundcloud of songs they did under the name Pity Pat.

I thought I remembered who she was but I forgot, and I hate asking people, them not being that person and the awkward silence that comes after that.

I just wanted to say that you Pity Pat are an inspiration to me. As in I enjoy your music as it is just you and a guitar, very cool.

It motivates me aka you don't have to have an expensive set up to make music and have yourself be heard.

Personally, I'd just like to make music for myself, post it and yeah. Not trying to "make it" but just to make it; you know what I mean?

Simple and melodic thoughts....

Again, thanks for the inspiration. And forgive me for not remembering who you are on this site.