This Is It - 2021
2021-05-03 00:00:00 (UTC)

Beginning of Break


Typing the date for this entry reminded me to pay my rent before the late fee kicked in so hey! That was nice (no late fee - rent, however...)

First day of no school and I spent it...Well, pretty much like any of my "sleep the day away" days, except without the worry of having to wake up for schoolwork. I just got to cuddle my little cat. Who repaid me later by taking a bite out of my sandwich while I was holding it. Tiny menace -.- (Well, I call him that because he's small compared to people. I think he's actually pretty big for a normal tabby cat. Definitely a menace though)

TikTok glitched briefly today and seeing 0 followers pop up on my profile was very strange. But I think it was only bad for half an hour to an hour, so it's kind of wild how many people noticed Immediately (including myself). People sure do be TikTokking

But it's all fixed and now this person is gonna be sleeping - I've got an early morning tomorrow (Gross)