Seeking wisdom
2021-05-04 07:11:52 (UTC)

Ask and you shall receive

if I tell you something...will you believe me?
You ever heard the saying, becareful what you wish for? Ask and you shall receive?
Well.... I believe it.
I've been told I'm emotional. Ive been told I have thin skin and I am sensitive. To me, this emotional, thin skin, and sensitive person makes me human and makes me feel for people. Anyways, I made a "wish" that this new job would give me thick skin. Be harder at work and learn my new skill set.
Yup. Well, I am living through hell.
Thick skin my ass. Who the fuck wants to live in a thick skin world where people talk shit behind and in front of your face. Toxic environment? Fuck yeah I work in a toxic environment. The majority of my jobs I've worked in a toxic environment where people talk shit, backstab and lie.

I'm sorry for the negative entries but I have asked it me? Am I the problem? Or do I really live in a world where people are like this. I even ask myself...why are people like this? How do they sleep at night? How do they not feel bad?

I think I am a good person but what if I am not? What if I turn out to be like them?
What if I end up being like everyone else...?
Please don't ask for anything from this world because you will receive it.