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2021-05-03 22:29:14 (UTC)

Last of my extended days off 🙂

I had a small vaca. Went camping with the group. About 70-80 of us went. Most of them were there for the trails. Quads and dirt bikes dream camp. Not for me. I wanted to go kayak fishing. Not sure why but I felt like I was running low on energy. Mostly just kicked back and relaxed. I met a lot of people so that was nice.

There was one lady that I met. I felt like she was a female version of me. Happy and funny. Not sweating the small stuff. We got to chat a bit and she of course later introduced her boyfriend to the group. Doh!!! hahaha. So much for that. Still, it was nice that there are nice people out there that I'm still attracted to. This one happened to be taken but like I just said, still nice to see nice overall good women are still out there.

My meals were easy to make but still delicious. Steak and broccoli for dinners. Manapuas for lunch. Eggs, bacon, tomato, and onion burritos for breakfast along with my must have coffee. Coffee from a percolator is so so good. Gets all the yummy stuff out of the beans making coffee that way.

Friday night was just a getting acquainted night. So we walked around the group camp to introduce ourselves. Easy day of camp. Just set up, cook dinner, socialize, and drink alcohol at the campfire. Once again, I was near the last man standing. As this pick show, my friends were falling asleep at the campfire.

Saturday, I made it up this crazy ass road that had two way traffic but only one can pass at a time at many of the turns. Blind switchbacks and pot holes everywhere. Glad I have a 4x4 that could handle it but it was still scary when oncoming traffic would pass me by. Also, a lot of the trail has a cliff on one side so eyes on the road and white knuckle driving for sure.

Finally, I got to the lake and all I caught was undersized bass. I recorded a couple but stopped after the 2nd. Nothing to show when the fish are that little. Still, it was fun for me kayaking around and I was one of the few kayakers out there. I Should be. The lake is high up near the top of a crazy mountain trail.

The last day of camp, we just kicked back. Packing is one of the few things that sucks when camping. Started slow and steady but got my stuff packed pretty quickly. Having the truck near my campsite made it a lot easier. Stopped at a rest area on the way home. I guess I was bushed and needed a break. Took a look at how my truck got so dirty from the trails. hehe. Most of the pics shown are from my new GoPro 9. Still rusty on how to get it from camera to my Amazon pic site. Except for the pics of my truck, all pics were taken from my go pro. It took a bit of work to wash my truck. First, I rinsed it at home. Then I went to a self car wash and sprayed the heck out of it with the soap gun. Then I drove around to another car wash that had touches car washing so I went there. Truck is finally almost back to normal.

I passed by a few little towns and farms. One road I thought was pretty cool was shaded by trees on both sides. Big mature trees so you can imagine it was planted a long time ago. Too bad the person that planted them don't get to see the beautiful road they made for us passerby's.

Overall, I had a good weekend. I didn't feel all that energized and my weight showed it. I load 4 pounds over the long weekend. I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest of weight losses. But then again, maybe it was. Being out in nature is the best thing for a person that is cooped up working in front of a computer.

Today was my first day back at the gym since last Thursday. My body finally didn't feel like it got runned over by a car. Today I worked out pretty much pain free from any muscle aches. :) I'm ready to rock it again. 😊