deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2021-05-03 21:32:35 (UTC)

Precious Indeed

I do love My precious whore. She caters to My every need and genuinely looks into My eyes with the same “please let me please You, Master” gaze e v e r y single day. I think I push her and force her to be My submissive slut, and then she calmly reminds Me that it’s her inner force of worship and adoration that drive her. She is quite simply, exquisite in My eyes. Today was a perfect day and this entry is here to honor that, and her. Master
Thank You, Master. Your words summed things up perfectly. While i do look forward to times like You provided me yesterday i still exist to please You, and when i do i am very, very content, and we become one.

Thank You for an exquisite visit Wednesday.