my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-05-02 20:24:55 (UTC)


Just an ordinary week started. By the way, I made a delicious omelet in the morning. I think I like cooking, but I'm not good at it. I usually prefer making desserts.

Also, I didn't want to join literature class today. I called my brother instead of that. He told something about my cousin and her rich life. I've just calculated and her house rent is more expensive than my mother's salary :d I'm not jealous, but I think that's silly. Because we have a tougher lifestyle than the family of my uncle. Actually, both of us can be nearly the same but my family has a more disciplined and organized life. So, I haven't felt like my cousins in my entire life. I think I have strong morality values, btw I'm proud of it.

Then, my friend called me. We went to park, and read book there. Of course, we also talked with each other. She talked only about her school, classes, lessons etc. On the other hand, one my my old friends had banned talking about school stuff some years ago. I have different kinds of friends, lol.
While I was together with my friend, my mother had cleaned my room. It was great to me, because I'm too lazy to tidy up my room. Also, I have little bit regret. Because I couldn't help her. I'm experiencing this a alot, especially in the quarantine period. I want to tackle all of my requirements alone. I don't want to be a load to anybody...

After this surprise, I helped my mother for the dinner and I made coffee. Before writing this diary, I studied German and chemistry. I also sent some messages to my friends from voluntary club. I'm planning to organize a meeting on Wednesday.