Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-05-03 15:02:04 (UTC)

Ooh, wah-ah-ah-ah! :)

Ooh, wah-ah-ah-ah! :)))

When a man say's "I'm alright with losing a few inches", you know he ain't blagging that shit! LMFAO.....In my experience, men who hint openly about the resting beast beneath have always been well hung. I don't just want an adventurous man that can fuck good. I want to feel the pain as he drives in deeper. LOL!!! What-the-fuck-ever!

Ah, the sensual play of words with a Capricorn man, and apparently they are the craziest hottest lovers. Excellent stamina, hehe. The 'ex my guy' (aries) was awesome during it but couldn't keep up with me; he kept needing breathers while I was warming up, lol. Me and Bumble (the carpenter) chatted on the phone last night. He asked me again if I would meet him for a date; I said yes, we're going to arrange through the week where we're meeting up. He has a great sense of humour, amusing dark humour. I like that.

As much as he is sensual, he is telling me he won't do a fwb situation. Not that I mentioned it, but I asked him what he's looking for. He told me nothing casual; he wants more. I told him I was going with the flow, and I have no definites of what I want in regards to a guy. (lmao)

Have to say, it's taken a bit to get used to the constant attention he is giving me. I've never been involved with a Capricorn guy before, but I know people who have, and what I heard excited me. Ed is also a Capricorn. I'm best matched to the astrological sign, not that I take that stuff seriously, but I do get on with cap men well. He certainly is investing in me heavily, and when I tend to go off in my little brain thinking filth, sometimes my innuendos come out. He acknowledges them with this underlying demon inside him that he keeps under control; that shit excites me no end, lol. But he brings me back to my dignity for conversation sake, and it reminds me I am not just a thirsty fanny fuckhead.

He has taken over my Whatsapp; Phil, Vicky, and angela have been texting, and he sucks me back to him. Those Capricorn men are like that, though, when they like you, you're their tunnel vision, and apparently, it stays that way *wide eyes* Either way, I won't be losing my life, individuality or the things I've got planned with my friends, the day job and my business.

He has run his carpentry business for twenty odd years; he sent me more pics. He used to be mega BUFF from the gym, probably too big for my liking. Fortunately, since he had a bike accident, he isn't as muscular because he couldn't go to the gym for a while, and now he is the toned I like!! Tick tick....... Between my diary and me, I want to fuck him, but I won't straight off the bat. I'm going to meet him, seduce and tease him and not give it up :)) Fun, fun, fun!

We talked about my house too, because I want to do a loft conversion to make my home a four-bedroom instead of three bed, raise my investment etc. No, guess who the man is for the job! LOL, his conversions he has done are built brilliantly, and I know my stuff on that front as I spent the last seven years in the industry and my dad and brother do it. Anyway's, this is all chatter for now. I am not taking anything serious right now.

His sisters are stunning as well! He has shown me photos of them; they are all Londoners. Tick, tick. It's my roots.

Anyway's, after he sent me a pic of his Harley that he got out for a ride today, I told him it was delicious. I want to ride on that! In more ways than one, hehe, take me away for an adventure, Bumble!

Time for a run :))