This Is It - 2021
2021-05-02 00:00:00 (UTC)

May the End Come


Very dramatic title for this entry, I know. But it was just the last final/couple assignments I had left for my last class. Got those all wrapped up and now I'm off for the summer (or most of the summer, if I do actually end up having to do summer classes to graduate).

Group therapy was the last class left, and the last assignment was mostly things to generate ideas about where your values are, what you're passionate about, and "signs you're doing the right work." And ALL of the things listed applied to my writing - how I feel writing, how I feel when others read it, what I've done to improve my skills (including going to learn from famous writers), and more. And it's thrown me for such a loop because I KNOW I'm passionate about writing. But I DON'T know I can turn that into a livelihood. And I'm afraid I'll end up in some stressful 9-5 that drains me too much for creativity before I share much of ANYTHING. I guess this is the perfect time to be working on that though, isn't it?? Do it while I've got the time open...

I'll certainly think about it

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