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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
2021-05-03 08:20:16 (UTC)

Pellet Run

Saturday was the last day (maybe?) for OT. There was a big gun shoot and they needed security forces to close off some roads at the times they would be firing . I didn't see anything, just heard a faint BOOM when it went off. An easy OT day, just had to "sweep' the roads, yay.

The same day was supposed to hook up with MR. Basement's friend afterwards, but after a text said it was too late that day. I look forward to hook ups but stay unattached because they seldom happen, as in finding "that perfect time" to hook up. No worries, the name of the game.

Later that day at home, we grilled as a fam and had two friends over with their fams that haven't seen each other in years, it was great! I said I felt like a big overweight Jewish Mom, bringing two friends together (not like there's anything wrong with it). We grilled brisket, steaks, ribs and had sides etc as the night wore on, and it was a great time. The pellet grill is a great invention.

Yesterday (Sunday), it's 1:28am Monday morn now) I bought another pair of earbuds...my last pair was stolen did I tell you that? Well, these are Beats Flex; haven't tried them yet (they're charging) but soon I will, plus the YT videos say they work good.

The Zoom call with fam went well. I asked Dad if he'd try medical weed for his aches and stuff with a straight face and we all had a good laugh when it was just Mom, Dad and my brother and I on the Zoom call while everyone else logged off...good times.

I'm using a notebook for my daily goals and stuff: feels nice to line out items when they're done.

Range qual shoot on Thursday went good...re shot a target but no worries.

Yeah, yeah and yeah

Hope you have a good day!!