Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-05-02 23:24:16 (UTC)

Pretty Please.....

The title is inspired by a piece of Erotica I just read on Fetlife. It describes a Dom being polite to his sub before he deep throats her.

I am massively lusting over Cooper. I had him once, and my primal urges want him again. Alas, that may not happen. But, the idea of having him in my mouth, feeling him be primal is absolutely astounding. It won't happen because I'm much more dominant than he is. It is my aura. Any way, I sent him a Kik confessing my want. I feel embarrassed, but what the hell. I actually confessed that the day he wanted a bj, I was going to text him with the same request. What stopped me is that I didn't think he wanted to make out because it was too personal for him. So, I didn't.

At this point it matters not what he does. The moment has passed, and on to the next obsession. School is out in four weeks. I want to go back to work. I need to hustle my fitness to get in shape and more mobile.

It's gonna be a hot girl summer