2021-05-03 05:27:00 (UTC)

Neighborhood #1

Dear diary

It has been a few days since i last posted anything.

Moving back to my house, i felt like most of the heat already settled and it was time to head back anyways. I love my parents but i love privacy more.
Privacy... what is that again?

Walking into my trashed house, all the anxiety, the stress, the fight came quickly rushing back. BUT
This is my house, i bought it and sure as hell going to use it.

I put my bags aside and started to tidy up.

Chris, surprisingly, rang the bell.
It was a bit strange as i was so use to him to just, pop in.

"Hey." he called through the intercom.

"Ill beep you in." I pushed the button to open the front gate, my father so gladly installed to keep the neighborhood-crazy at bay.

Opening the front door , Chris came rushing in and gave me a hug.
I am always a big softy when it comes to men smelling good. :) and boy, did he.

"Welcome back." The hug lingered for too long and got awkward.

"Thanks." I let go of my grip.

"Want a beer?"

"Never say no to free stuff." He said.
I gestured him to sit in his usual place, trustworthy couch. While i got his beer from the fridge.

"How you been H?" he asked.

"Good. You? Contracted any new disease yet?" I said with a smirk, taking my place on the couch.

"Nah, haven't been as active as i use to be." He said, kind off, proudly.

"Good to hear."

An awkward silence swept in for a few minutes. He just sipping his beer. Me, staring at the wall.

"Going to work today?" He broke the silence.

"No, i am on leave for a few weeks, just keeping it low-key for a few days."

"Are you sick?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.
I have never called in sick before or taken a day off, let alone a few weeks.

"No, i'm good." I lied.

"Oh, okay, thought you might be pregnant or something." He scoffed.

"Luckily, no."

"What is going on? Are you depressed?"

"No, why?"

"You know, a normal woman would usually think that when someone calls them pregnant, and is not, one would assume that i might hint that you gained weight."

"I think i would know if i gained weight." i replied.

"Fair enough." He said.

"So, when is your guy coming to visit? I haven't seen him since you moved in, in fact, i have never seen him. Are you even in a relationship?"
There are some boundaries, when it comes to my relationship, that is one i don't usually share.

"Are you implying that you are interested in me and want to know if i'm available?" i wanted to change the question.

"Well, what if i was?"

Simon Cowell's gif popped in my head.
"That is a no from me."

"Why?" He looked disappointed. "Is it because of my body score?"

"Yes." i lied. It doesn't matter to me. You are your own person. You have one life to live. Live it.

"Well, what is yours then since you are such a saint?" he scoffed.

"There is no need to get defensive. Why, does my body count matter?"

"well it appears that mine does." he was looking annoyed.

"Relax, i don't care who or what you do or how many you slept with. I don't want to talk about my relationship because it has nothing to do with anyone."

"Want to go grab dinner tonight?"